Re-Automata reflects on the way we interact with the book object in the present-day. An effortless swipe on a digital screen deletes the interaction between a pair of hands and a book ... All deemed redundant and instantly replaced with a single right-to-left motion.

Re-Automata looks at this then and now change in interaction with the book object by re-enacting the sequences of movements that are now no longer existent in its digital rendition. It deconstructs the the digital command of a swipe and translates it back into a chain of moving arms and gears. As the handle of the book machine is pushed from right-to-left, the page starts to be flipped, turned, pressed, creased, and flattened as this single swipe is translated into a series of mechanism.

Mixed Media, 300 x 324 x 175 mm, 2015
Contribution to The Multiple Lives of a Blank Book,
Published by Booksfromthefuture,
ISBN 978-0-9573509-3-9